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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Happy Feet

Bonjour everyone. Are you all having a lovely weekend? Today I wanted to talk about something that's perhaps a little bit boring - slippers! Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE my slippers and now the cold weather is pretty much here I can wear them all the time. I already have two pairs of super cosy ones which I'm very attached to (think I'm a little old before my time!), but then I got this pair for my birthday.

Okay, so they're not ticking any boxes for style, but there is a big fat tick in the comfort box! And that's what's important right? They're made of something the manufacturers call 'popcorn/honeycomb' fabric which is super soft. There's also a 'secret sole' and 'pillowstep technology'. Again, I don't really know quite what that means. All I know is they're really squishy underfoot whilst also feeling really supportive. Being open toe, they're not going to be keeping you very warm on a winter evening. I just wear them after a shower, whilst I'm getting ready for work, and they make me feel like I'm in a spa! If you're looking for something comfy to potter about your home in in the mornings - these are so perfect. (I can't believe I've just written so much about a pair of slippers!) 

They're made by Isotoner, who are also the people behing Totes. Did anyone else have those really thick Disney Totes socks with the rubber grips on the bottom as the kid? Anyway you can get a pair of these slippers here

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  1. I've only just seen this so sorry for the delay. They are amazingly comfy! Not so good now that it's chilly though :( x

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