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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Estee Lauder Youth Dew Creme

Oh my goodness, this is probably the most luxurious product I've ever used! It's a body moisturiser with the Estee Lauder perfume, Youth Dew, scent. If you've never heard of Youth Dew before, it's quite a classic scent that has been around for over fifty years! It's been called one of the sexiest fragrance of all time too. To create it, the clever folks at Estee Lauder blended rich spices, rich spices and opulent woods. It's really rich and opulent, without being overpowering, and (embarrassingly) makes me feel really grown up when I use it!

I love everything about it, the fancy tub, the decadent smell and the smooth texture. I feel like a princess when I apply it and then again every time I get a waft of it during the day. (Did I mention it's really long lasting too? A thin layer in the morning will keep you smelling beautiful right up until bedtime.)

Okay, so it's not cheap (in fact, it's £30 for 200ml), but I think it's really worth it to splash out on something of high quality that you really love. Don't you? I'm sure it's good for your well-being to treat yourself occasionally! You can get a pot of Youth Dew Creme at the Estee Lauder site here.

Have you tried this before? Which products do you splurge on?

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